A New Sport Crossfit

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It isn’t very often that a new sport emerges and even when there is one it rarely meets the immediate popularity that met crossfit when it was introduced as a sport relatively recently. This new sport probably appealed to so many people so quickly because of the number of people that are already using gymnasiums to keep fit. The sport is possibly little more than keeping fit in a gym but the level of fitness reached is extreme as is the routine needed in order to become so extreme. Now gone are the days when people go to the gym just to do repetitive push-ups or weight lifting in order to try and stay in shape, as today people are starting to combine many different keep fit disciplines in order to try and become a crossfit potential athlete. The fact that there are now special trainers which have been developed for wearing whilst participating in this new sport, speaks volumes as to how popular it has become. It is not just a man’s sport either as there are top Crossfit shoes for women also.

The sport did perhaps have an unusual beginning as it started in the training camps of Special Forces who had to find a way to train for any eventuality they may be faced with the next day. Their training routine could not afford to be too narrow, just including one set of exercises; it had to be a collection of many in order for the men and women to face whatever may be before them. The sport therefore started as their routine training and only when retired soldiers carried on their routines in gymnasiums outside of the camps did it start to get to be known to others. The retired soldier’s routines looked impressive and the keep fit enthusiasts started to realize that although they had thought they may be fit, they accepted that a lot more effort was needed on their part to really be fit. These enthusiasts took up these more rigorous routines and soon were competing with each other to see who had attained the highest level of fitness and this is what became known as the sport of crossfit.

Today thousands of people go to the gymnasiums around the country to train in multiple disciplines in order to become fit enough to attempt to join in this sport on a competitive level. The sport has started to be called the sport of fitness and that is probably an apt name for it as it is all about fitness you do not have to kick a ball well a shoot a hoop particularly well, you only have to be in the peak of fitness, a fitness that can only be obtained by not stopping when it hurts but pushing through the pain barrier time and time again to emerge as fit as it is possible for the human body to be. The competitions therefore are an exhibition of fitness in the extreme.